Concrete House

  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Client Undisclosed
  • Year 2021
  • Status Ongoing (construction)
  • Program Residential
  • Team Ekaterina Golovatyuk
    Giacomo Cantoni
    Arslan Arkallayev
    Ksenia Bisti
    Gaia Fusé
    Emanuele Moro
    Andreas Noussas
    Edoardo Perani
    Cecilia Tramontano
    Ivano Viceconte
  • Collaborators MEP Engineer: INTEGRATION UK
    Lighting Design: Rossi Bianchi
    Cost Consultant: GAD
  • Surface 1.000 sqm

Located in a rather dense suburban area, the Concrete House is designed as an introverted living space with intimate views to a private garden.

The solid load-bearing walls are made of exposed light grey concrete, while the rest is enclosed with transparent retractable glazing, blurring the distinction between the interior and the exterior.

The visual and spatial continuity between ‘in’ and ‘out’ is reinforced by the continuity and consistency of the finishes inside and outside. The cold mass of the concrete shell is counterbalanced by soft, warm and dark materials of floors and built in furniture, such as wood, cobblestone and terrazzo.

The perimeter concrete fence is designed as the envelope of the house and the site together, containing the living premises and a lush garden.