Rasheed Araeen. A Retrospective

  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Client Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Year 2019
  • Status Completed
  • Program Cultural
  • Artist Rasheed Araeen
  • Curator Kate Fowle, Nick Aikens
  • Team Ekaterina Golovatyuk
    Giacomo Cantoni
    Ksenia Bisti
    Arslan Arkallayev
    Federico Segat
  • Surface 1.850 sqm
  • Press frieze

An impressive retrospective of Rasheed Araeen is organized in chronological chapters. These are expressed spatially by means of tall white walls, transversally “slicing” Garage’s West and Central Galleries. Minimal white context brings out and highlights the intense colors and articulated geometries of Araeen’s work.