Spirit Labor: Duration, Difficulty, and Affect

  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Client Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Year 2021
  • Status Completed
  • Program Cultural
  • Curator Snejana Krasteva and Andrey Misiano
  • Team Ekaterina Golovatyuk
    Giacomo Cantoni
    Ksenia Bisti
    Natalia Saltan
  • Surface 750 sqm

“The exhibition explores the relatively small segment of contemporary art that is dedicated to investigating and challenging the durational dimension of its agents, from the body of the artist to the act of making and viewing art. It brings together works by 30 artists from different generations across Southeast and Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern and Western Europe.” …

The exhibition design, developed in collaboration with architects from Grace, encourages an almost ‘confessional’ confinement with each artwork by placing them within separate cubicles made of concrete, the visual and technical properties of which were originally conceived to be very much ‘in service to time.’” (*)

(*) text by Snejana Krasteva and Andrey Misiano