Taryn Simon. Action Research/The Stagecraft of Power

  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Client Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Year 2016
  • Status Completed
  • Program Cultural
  • Artist Taryn Simon
  • Curator Ekaterina Inozemtseva
  • Team Ekaterina Golovatyuk
    Nicola Russi
    Massimo Tenan
  • Surface 950 sqm

By focusing on the flower arrangements of the 1944 United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference and uncovering archival material, Simon’s photographs and sculptures mark their role as silent observers of man’s determination to control the fates of nations, institutions, and the natural world.

A row of parallel thick walls, enhances the seriality of the artworks, while a freestanding circular pavilion, designed as an itinerant broadcasting studio, hosts lectures, talks, and discussions of social, cultural, and political phenomena connected with nuclear energy.